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Château de Villandry – “Les fruits dansés”

After working for many years with choreographers, Raphaèle Bernard-Bacot has produced a series of pastel monotypes called “Les fruits dansés”. The lines and subject matter in these new works tell the story of years spent working on this motif, of seizing the rhythm of the body in movement. The freedom of her brushstroke and composition give these so-called “still lifes” a very living feel. Her work as an artist is maturing to encompass the rhythm of the season. Fruits dansés © Raphaèle Bernard-Bacot

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Châteaux Highlights

©Jean-Sébastien Evrard - CHATEAU OF BRISSAC


Seen from the vast lawns of the Romantic-style parkland, the façades of the Château de Brissac are a striking sight. The huge towers and fortified bases, vestiges of the feudal...

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Rendez-vous in the Loire Valley

Loire Valley : A recognized region

The Loire Valley, with a length of 280 km and covering 800 km2 from Sully-sur-Loire (Loiret) to Chalonnes-sur-Loire (Anjou) has been the largest site in France ever to...

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