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Opening of the kitchens at Chambord

From 29 April. Part of the Domaine National de Chambord’s major works for 2016, the castle’s recently restored 18th century kitchens will open to the public for the first time in their history on 29 April, providing visitors with a greater understanding of the castle occupants’ daily life in days gone by. The kitchens were created at the end of the 18th century at a time when the royal stud kept hundreds of horses at Chambord and when the director of the stud, the Marquis de Polignac, lived in the castle. The old 17th century kitchens, which dated from the Louis XIV period and were housed in the lower compound, were subsequently used as stables and the new kitchens created on the ground floor of the keep. Kitchens © Domaine national de Chambord - Léonard de Serres

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©J.Percher/Centre Val de Loire - Royal Fortress of Chinon


The royal fortress in Chinon is located in the Centre Val de Loire region. Overlooking the town, the fortress built by the Counts of Anjou, notably the Plantagenets, recalls the time when the...

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Rendez-vous in the Loire Valley