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Centre for Arts and Nature

As part of the “Centre d’Arts et de Nature”, which is dedicated to the relationship between artistic creation AND nature, the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire will be inviting visual artists AND photographers to exhibit their work at the château.

In 2014, the estate will exhibit works by artists Henrique Oliveira, Chris Drury AND Miguel Chevalier among others, as well as photographs by Bae Bien-U, Hanns Zischler AND Jocelyne Alloucherie.

Every three years a special commission financed by the Centre region offers a major artist the opportunity to reside in the castle. In 2014, it will be the turn of the renowned Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco to inhabit the guest quarters of the château.

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Quai de la Fosse - Nantes © V.Joncheray

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