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Domaine National de Chambord - Bae Bien-U Exhibition</a>

Following several periods of residence in the château, Korea’s most famous photographer will exhibit a collection of fifty photos of the immense forest at Chambord, seen through the seasons. Staying true to his usual subject matter which is always strongly liked to nature (river banks, trees, wind, volcanoes etc), Bae Bien-U offers an unusual perspective on the castle’s grounds, which reveals aspects that often remain hidden from the eyes of casual walkers. The exhibition will open the Korean Season in France. Bae Bien-U
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Châteaux Highlights

©E. Mangeat/CRT Centre Val de Loire - ROYAL CHATEAU OF BLOIS


The Royal Château of Blois is the doorway that will lead you into the Loire Valley. Located in the Centre Val de Loire region, the Royal Château of Blois presents an authentic...

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Rendez-vous in the Loire Valley

Quai de la Fosse - Nantes © V.Joncheray

Towns and heritage around and about the Loire

Towns and heritage

The châteaux of the Loire are a testament to history, and the river has also left its mark on the  towns and traditions around and along the river. From a cultural...

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