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Historical tour The “24 hours in the life of a queen” exhibition invites visitors to follow the Queen of France, Marie d’Anjou, as she goes about her lavish daily existence. Her day-to-day activities are particularly well documented for the years 1454 and 1455, thanks to the queen’s silverware accounts. It was in 1454 that the queen came to the royal fortress in Chinon for a prolonged stay with her two youngest children, Charles and Madeleine. At that time, she was fifty years of age and enjoyed a lifestyle in keeping with her tastes and status. Her clothing expenses were considerable, and her treasure was made up of exquisite tableware made from gold, silver and vermeil, as well as jewels. She lived her life surrounded by rare and exotic animals and went hunting in the surrounding forests accompanied by her daughter. As a patron of the arts, numerous artists were in her service. Immersed in the sumptuous and refined world of the French Court at the end of the Middle Ages, visitors will be drawn in particular to the organisation of festivities, leisure activities (hunting, reading, embroidery, games), education, the embellishment of the castle and its gardens, and artistic patronage. The tour will lead visitors through the queen’s apartments, which have been specially re-created in the towers of the château: her bedroom, oratory, children’s study room, and the workshop of the painter Henri de Vulcop. Plunged into a typical day in the life of the court, visitors will discover the queen’s activities from the first few hours of the hours (rising, dressing, mass or reading the liturgy of the hours in her private oratory, the education of her children), afternoons devoted to leisure pursuits (walks, hunting, embroidery) through to the final hours of the day (banquets and festivities). Daily from 14/05 to 14/11.

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Châteaux Highlights

©C.Mouton/CRT Centre Val de Loire - Château of Sully-sur-Loire


Built at the end of the 14th century on the banks of the Loire, the Château of Sully is the eastern doorway into the Loire Valley. The Château is a true medieval fortress that was first classified...

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Rendez-vous in the Loire Valley

Quai de la Fosse - Nantes © V.Joncheray

Towns and heritage around and about the Loire

Towns and heritage

The châteaux of the Loire are a testament to history, and the river has also left its mark on the  towns and traditions around and along the river. From a cultural...

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