Château du Clos Lucé

Château of Clos Lucé - Leonardo da Vinci Park

The final abode of Leonardo da Vinci, the Château of Clos Lucé is situated just 500 meters from the Royal Château at the heart of the Loire Valley in Amboise. Both the park and the château are devoted to rebuilding the universe of Leonardo da Vinci and bringing it to life!


Chateau of Clos Luce

Leonardo da Vinci’s private life

It was here at the Château of Clos Lucé that Leonardo da Vinci spent the last three years of his life painting and working on his countless passions. Discover and follow the footsteps of an eternal genius.



 chateau of clos luce

The red-brick château

Built on Gallo-Roman foundations during the reign of Louis XI, the château became the property of one of the king’s favourites.



 Chateau of Clos Luce

Nature, the key to the mystery ?

Take a stroll in Leonardo's Garden and into the realms of initiation, botany, and education. Here you will discover the sources of Leonardo da Vinci’s inspiration.

Leonardo da Vinci’s various works help us to understand nature while also providing us with a clearer perception of his philosophical approach.