Château of Valencay


It was in 1803 that Talleyrand acquired the Château de Valençay at the request of Napoleon, to enable the emperor to receive European dignitaries with the appropriate pomp and ceremony. Located in the Berry region, the Château of Valençay presents 2 styles of architecture, Renaissance and Classical. Fully furnished, it is also surrounded by magnificent French-style gardens and an English landscape park...



Chateau of Valencay

A former feudal fortress

The Park & Château of Valençay came into existence in the time of Louis XIII, and were built on the site of an ancient feudal fortress. Over the years, its architecture became transformed, combining early Renaissance and Classical styles harmoniously. In 1803, Talleyrand, Napoleon’s Minister for External Affairs at the time, bought this magnificent château, thus allowing him to host the dignitaries of the Empire in full splendour.



 Labyrinth of Napoleon Chateau of Valencay

Recreational visits for the whole family

The Château of Valençay houses an exceptional collection of Louis XVI and Empire-style furniture, and its park and forest cover more than 53 hectares. A visit of the property includes a tour of its collections, impressive kitchens, Napoleon’s maze (Grand Labyrinthe), the gardens and the Princes’ Forest (Forêt des Princes), which can be explored on foot or by electric buggy.…



 Chateau of Valencay

The Château de Valençay’s theatre

The Château de Valençay’s theatre, an architectural jewel dating from 1810 which has preserved all its original decor and backdrops, has been open to the public since 2012 as part of the guided “Private Visits” initiative which take place on Sunday mornings.