Far from the stress of daily life, the Château of Chambord stands completely surrounded by nature. It is located between the untamed royal river and the wild woodlands, which is home to many boar and deer. Just two hours south of Paris, Chambord opens up to the Loire Valley now on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites for its "living cultural landscape". An essential stage on your journey, Chambord is the largest and most prestigious of the French Renaissance châteaux. Let this majestic stone colossus give you a real feeling for the life style of François I.



Chambord, jewel of the Loire Valley

Chambord was born from the dream of King François I who brought back from his battles in Italy numerous artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci. The king enjoyed retiring to the Château of Chambord in order to indulge in his favourite sport of hunting, which was reserved at that time for nobility...

 Domaine of Chambord

Chambord, over the centuries

Ever since the crowning of Louis XII in 1498, the estates of Chambord have brought joy and nobility to its residents. Discover Chambord through its history, construction, installation and acquisition; the Château of Chambord was an object of much desire and greed...



 Domaine of Chambord

Visits of Chambord

The Château of Chambord offers a wide choice of visits for discovering the estate as both self-guided visits and guided tours (for recreation or education). Relive the majestic period of François I and Louis XIV, and be guided by "Cassandre the Salamander" or "Brother Thomas," who will provide you with enigma and mystery that enchants both young and old...

 Domaine of chambord

The forest of Chambord

Whether on foot or by bike, benefit from nature’s calm at Chambord: 1 000 hectares of forest open to the public where the animals live in a natural state around the entire estate. Here, you will find specially equipped viewing points for you to observe them.