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21 June to 30 August 2014

Nocturnal enchantment: “At the court of King François I”

Charles VIII, Louis XII, François I, Queen Claude of France, Leonardo da Vinci, the royal court AND villagers await your visit at the Château Royal d‚Amboise to relive the pomp AND ceremony of the French Renaissance as part of a 90min show. Entertainment featuring lights, water, fireworks, horsemanship AND the dances of the Renaissance will transport you back to the reign of François I. Information & bookings: 02 47 57 14 47


2 May to 14 September 2014

Musical evening walks

Music AND C ANDlelight - 2 AND 10 May AND “La Musique du Roy” concert on 5, 8 August AND 14 September from 9-10.30pm

Unaccompanied* evening walk AND concert in the royal residence. A c ANDlelit walk through the gardens accompanied by music.

Reduced evening prices: Adults 6€; students 4€; children aged 7-18 4€.

* Guided AND audio-guided tours are not available in the evening.


4 January to 26 October 2014

Special guided tours on the theme “Anne of Brittany or women AND power” AND celebrations of St Anne’s feast day.

1514-2014 Anne of Brittany

Anne of Brittany died on 9 January 1514. Forced to marry her powerful neighbour the king of France, she was first the wife of Charles VIII AND then of Louis XII, AND was successful in retaining the relative autonomy of her dukedom vis-à-vis the kingdom of France. She was a cultured woman who surrounded herself with writers, poets AND artists, whose reputation she ensured, as was the case with the illuminator Jean Bourdichon AND the sculptor Michel Colombe. Anne of Brittany lived in the Royal Château of Amboise with the French king Charles VIII from 1491 until the tragic death of her husb AND in 1498.


29 November 2014 to 11 January 2015

Christmas over the centuries

“Noël, Noël!”. This joyful princely cry still resonates today in this royal residence. However, events celebrating the nativity have changed considerably over the centuries. Visitors will discover the origins of these traditions from the Renaissance AND the 18C AND 19C. A superbly decorated royal residence.

Bilingual commentaries (French AND English) AND Christmas music via the audio-guide (in addition to the audio-guided tour of the permanent collections). Visit included in the general entry ticket to the château. Audio-guide supplement (4€), including commentary on the permanent collections (available in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, M ANDarin AND Korean).