The Royal Fortress of Chinon is situated in the Centre Val de Loire region, overlooking the town. The fortress was built by the Count of Blois, Thibaut I, and is a reminder of a time when the histories of France and England were closely entwined. In 1429, in the main hall of the royal house, a historical meeting took place between Joan of Arc and the Dauphin (future Charles VII).



Strategic point in French History

The outcrop of rock on which the Royal Fortress of Chinon was built is a strategic site located at the meeting point of three French provinces: Anjou, Poitou and Touraine. It was first occupied by Antiquity, and has been coveted ever since.



A fortress of the third millennium


After an unprecedented five-year reconstruction project in Europe, this beautiful military fortress has been restored to its full glory and ancient splendour – Welcome to the fortress of the third millennium!
Attempt to conquer the many towers along the 150 meters of restored walls. Thanks to an interactive exhibition of royal lodgings, you can immerse yourself in the civil and military history of the fortress! Slip into the character of one of the many great figures that have marked the history of this site over the years while admiring the restored royal house as it was in the fifteenth century!