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Studio Leonardissimo at the Château d'Amboise

Workshop in the gardens and a downloadable app available from App Store and Google Play. Easels and life-size frames are provided so that participants can freely interpret the works of Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardissimo creative competition: create a work of art in the manner of Leonardo da Vinci and enter our international competition. Each work is shared on social media and an artist of the month, season and year is chosen. Leonardo da Vinci and drawing at the Château d'Amboise © L. de Serres

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The Amboise prophecy

From the end of the 19th century, travel back in time to the court of Charles VIII which is full of splendour and intrigue. In the shadows, a woman, Louise de Savoie, is secretly watching out for the formidable destiny of her son, who a mysterious hermit has told her will be king: the accession of François I is at hand! From 2 July to 27 August 2016, Wednesdays and Saturdays (and also 12/07, 15/07, 26/07, 09/08, 16/08, 26/08). The Amboise prophecy © D. Fontaine

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Music in the time of the kings - Château d'Amboise

Head to the Château d'Amboise for a musical voyage through time. Adeline de Preissac and Nicolas Gaignard invite you to discover music through emblematic historical characters such as Louis XIV, Henri II and François I. At 5pm: music workshops for children in the main courtyard of the castle; 6.30pm: itinerant concert. 06/08, 07/08, 13/08, 14/08, 20/08 and 21/08. Musicians in the gardens © L. de Serres

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Christmas over the centuries at the Château d'Amboise

“Noël, Noël!” This joyful princely cry still resonates today in this royal château. However, events celebrating the nativity have changed considerably over the centuries. Visitors will discover the origins of these traditions from the Renaissance and the 18th and 19th centuries in this superbly decorated royal residence. On the programme: - Sunday 4 December: children sing Christmas songs to celebrate the Feast of St Nicholas.

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Château Royal d'Amboise – “Avanti la Musica” festival

Faithful to its origins, the Château Royal d'Amboise wull be hosting several events that pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of Italy. Since the time of the Renaissance, Amboise has maintained a close cultural relationship with the Italian peninsula and this year’s event gives pride of place to music and celebrations. Avanti la Musica ! Concert on 19 June with the Paul Gaudet school of music and drama and characters in Venetian costume plus a major concert on the weekend of 25-26 June. Venitian character © André Vandewynckele

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Château Royal d'Amboise – in the service of the King

Amboise, 1518. Having returned victorious from Italy, Francis 1 still has to fight for power. Crime, seduction, diplomacy and conspiracies can still ruin his dreams of glory and Empire. In the service of the King: combat, foil and triumph over the intrigues of the court as you step back into History. Experience these unique adventures on your iPad at the Château Royal d'Amboise. Itinerary available in French (option of English subtitles). Leonardo da Vinci and Francis I © 100 Millions de Pixels

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