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History in LEGO®

The “History in LEGO®” exhibition at the Château de Cheverny will present unique works relating to the castle and created especially for the occasion, made entirely from LEGO® bricks. Visitors of all ages are invited to immerse themselves in the world of LEGO® and discover the technical skill required to make these models. Admire reproductions of items relating to the castle, such as a model of the château itself, a life-size Louis XV armchair, and a mystery object linked to life in the castle. LEGO® exhibition © Château de Cheverny

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Venetian weekend - Domaine de Cheverny

One evening event plus a costume ball, featuring a parade of 100 Venetian costumes. For the third time since it opened to the public in 1922, visitors can explore the inside of the château until 9.30pm on Saturday 4 June 2015. A costume ball will be held for visitors to the château in the Orangerie from 10pm on 5 June. South façade of the Château de Cheverny at night © T. Lajouanie / Château de Cheverny

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Jazz'in Cheverny

9th annual event - Concerts in the village outside the estate during the day, with evening events within the walls of the estate. Michel Legrand, Dider Lockwood, Manu Dibango, Ben l'Oncle Soul and Ibrahim Maalouf are just some of those who have been invited to previous events, performing in front of the château’s main façade. Concert stage with the south façade of the château as a backdrop © T. Lajouanie / Château de Cheverny

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Tintin Rally at the Domaine de Cheverny

With the creation of the famous reporter Tintin on 10 January 1929, Hergé became one of the most important cartoon artists in the world. It was the perfect symmetry of the Classical style of Cheverny which inspired Hergé in his design of the Château de Moulinsart, the property of Captain Haddock. For the second year, the Norman Association of Vintage Cars (ANVE – the Association Normande de Véhicules d'Époque) is organising a major rally of old cars which are featured in the Adventures of Tintin.

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