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Abbaye de Fontevraud – “La cité idéale”

Explore the history and future of architecture through installations, exhibitions, themed visits and workshops and discover a hidden side to the Royal Abbey with exhibitions of imaginary cities made of paper, information on 200 architectural projects, models retracing the evolution of Fontevraud, and an exploration of the origins of the abbey (access to the crypt).© David Darrault

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Abbaye de Fontevraud – Festivini evening event

The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud takes on an English feel at this year’s FESTIVINI evening event, with themes ranging from Medieval and Elizabethan to Imperial and Pop. Saumur wines and French cuisine are served in a truly British atmosphere which manages to be both convivial and eccentric at the same time. But nothing shocks Eleanor of Aquitaine, who keeps a watchful eye over the abbey and who is renowned for her love of colourful court life. From 7.30pm to 1am© Charlotte VITAIOLLI

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Abbaye de Fontevraud – “LA CITÉ IDÉALE”

Every year, the Cité Idéale offers an entertaining and impertinent look at a major theme of public life through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and shows. In 2016, the theme “Bâtir & habiter” (Build & Inhabit) will inspire artists and visitors alike to imagine the foundations necessary for living together.© David DARRAULT - Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud

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Abbaye de Fontevraud – FESTIVINI DINNER

Offering a different view of the Royal Abbey, including wine tastings and a gastronomic dinner, the FESTIVINI dinner is the closing event of 9 days of discovery, culture, heritage and gastronomy with a focus on the fine wines of Saumur. The theme of the 2016 event is “God Save the Queen” in tribute to Eleanor of Aquitaine.© David DARRAULT - Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud

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Abbaye de Fontevraud – THE ORIGINS OF FONTEVRAUD

In 2016 the Royal Abbey will open a new space to the general public – its archaeological crypt. Situated under the abbey church, the crypt is essential to our understanding of the abbey’s origins and is presented to visitors in an original fashion by the artist Ève de Roeck. Artist in residence at Fontevraud, de Roeck has created a series of entertaining and poetic animated films on the abbey. The Cloister © Eve de Roeck

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Abbaye de Fontevraud – FONTEVRAUD ABBEY BY NIGHT

The first stage of the lighting project for the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, created by the internationally renowned artist Yann Kersalé, will be completed this year with the artist’s work incorporating buildings designed by Jean Nouvel, Rudy Ricciotti and Helmut Jahne. Yann Kersalé uses light to create a subtle and poetic ambience. Fontevraud by night © Yann Kersalé

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