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In the footsteps of Anne of Brittany at the Château de Langeais

Who hasn’t dreamed of experiencing the daily life of a great queen and learning all about her most intimate secrets? During this visit, Anne of Brittany will invite children into her court, where she will tell them all about her amazing marriage and teach them how to behave like perfect courtiers (visit lasts 1hr). From 12 July to 26 August inclusive, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 11am and 2pm (reservation required). From 23 October to 1 November, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 11.15am and 2pm (reservation required). Anne of Brittany © J.M. Laugery

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A candlelit Christmas at the Château de Langeais

To celebrate Christmas, the castle is decked out in all its finery with magnificent plants and flowers brought in to decorate its different rooms. A large Christmas tree dominates the banqueting hall, where the lord’s table is laid ready for dinner, while candlelight adds a magical atmosphere to the bedrooms in the main building and the main reception rooms. From 4 December 2016 to 8 January 2017. Banqueting hall © D. Darrault

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Château de Langeais – A close-up look at the Loire river

A celebration of the Loire river and its flora and fauna as seen through the sensitive lens of three local photographers. The large photos of Philippe Body, Louis-Marie Préau and Jean-Baptiste Rabouan will decorate the avenues of the château grounds, majestically dominating the Loire Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. View of the Loire - Confluence at Candes-Saint-Martin © P. Body

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Château de Langeais – Life at the château and military re-enactment weekend

A look at military life in the time of Francis I. Men in armour and specialists in miliary history during the time of Francis I have set up camp in the castle grounds, offering a programme of manoeuvres, arms drills and canon firing. For the following week, history reinactment enthusiasts will take on the role of characters who might have lived in the castle in 1515, looking at themes such as domestic service, the management of a royal estate and fashion during the Renaissance.

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Château de Langeais – Raising the drawbridge – Sword fights

An enactment staged with plenty of humour, which enables visitors to observe the raising of the one of the last drawbridges still in operation. Once the drawbridge has been raised, Capitaine de Langeais then recruits new armed guards for the castle in an interactive playlet which combines sword fights with verbal jousting. Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the summer holidays from 10 July to 24 August. Sword fights.

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The Château of Langeais is located in the Centre Val de Loire region, on the border between Anjou and Touraine. The Château of Langeais presents two exceptional châteaux: the Foulques Nerra Tower and the Château of Louis XI. The former has the particularity of being the oldest keep in France whereas the latter has two different facades - feudal on the town side and Renaissance-inspired on the courtyard side.

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Two châteaux, two architectural feats

The first château was built from 994 on the promontory overlooking the Loire by the powerful and feared Count of Anjou, Foulques Nerra. It is one of the oldest keeps in France, and these important remains are now clad in reconstructed medieval scaffolding. This representation, along with lifting machines, with transport you back to how builders worked in the year 1000.

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