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Cité Royale de Loches - Knights: exhibition and historical tour

Learn all about the life of a knight as you follow this tour through the castle keep. Here visitors will discover the different stages of the knight’s apprenticeship, from equerry to the lord’s comrade-in-arms, as they make their way through the castle. Admire images of the knight and learn about his attributes in the main building, then continue to a gallery with battle scenes which follows the evolution of the knight through history. The role of the female knight is also examined, as is the image of the knight in the decorative arts, cartoons, advertising and cinema.

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Experience the life of a knight on a tour through the castle’s keep. Visitors will learn all about the lord of the castle’s equerry and comrade-in-arms, as well as find out what it took to become a knight in olden days as they follow this tour through different parts of this monument.Inside the castle, visitors will find out about the attributes and roles of a knight. The tour then follows the evolution of knights through the course of history in a gallery that has taken on the appearance of a battle scene.

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The Royal City of Loches is located in the Centre Val de Loire region. Originally it was just a stopping point in the valley of the River Indre, on the old trading route between Amboise and Poitiers. Towards the year 1000, Loches became a small medieval town. In the 10th century, constant quarrelling between the counts of Blois and Anjou were the reason for the town’s development. Geoffroi Grisegonelle, originally from Anjou, settled in Loches and had a church built here. His son, Foulques Nerra, then erected the enormous, four-sided keep that is still visible today.

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