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The stables have always played an important role at the Château du Rivau, since it is here that the war horses were broken in for the kings of France. In addition, in 1429, Joan of Arc came here looking for war horses for the battle of Orléans. In the sixteenth century, Gabriel de Beauvau had enormous stables built in an innovative style, inspired by the Italian Renaissance. For the first time, the stables were valued for more than their utilitarian function and became a venue of grandeur.

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The Château du Rivau rosery is unlike any other, because here all the roses have been specially chosen for their fragrances. This original idea has led to the creation of a unique conservatory entirely dedicated to the scented rose. The gardens feature a collection of 450 rose varieties, recognised by the CCVA (Conservatory for Specialist Plant Collections). From May onwards, a festival for the senses commences, allowing visitors to discover the subtleties of each flower’s delicate perfume.

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Walking in the gardens at Le Rivau is like jumping into a magical world, much like the wanderings of a certain little girl in wonderland. Over six hectares, the gardens bring to life the most famous medieval legends through fourteen fairy-tale scenes. Follow in the footsteps of goblins, fairies, and fantastical creatures. From giant vegetables in Gargantua’s vegetable patch, to the iron dragon in the enchanted forest, to characters from Lewis Carroll’s fairy tales in the Alice in Rivau-land labyrinth; all offering botanical gardens, games, and artistic works.

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The medieval fortress reveals an enchanted world where the footsteps of knights and fair ladies and their war horses still echo today. With impressive special effects, the château untangles the threads of history and combines fantasy with reality. From its Gothic interiors to the stables and romantic gardens, an absolutely bewitching experience awaits you at Château du Rivau.

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