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Château de Saumur - Fête des Vendanges

The Grape Harvest festival will start at 10am in the castle courtyard with a snack provided for the grape-pickers. Then, to the sound of music and escorted by local wine-making guilds, participants will make their way to the castle vineyards. Once the grapes have been picked, they’ll be taken to the press in a horse-drawn cart in the traditional manner. Everyone will then be able to taste the grape juice. A food market, giant picnic and other activities will be organised in the castle gardens.© Ville de Saumur

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The Château of Saumur is located in the Pays de la Loire region, on the historic Kings’ Valley Route. Since its construction at the end of the 11th century, the Château of Saumur has been a fortress, a manor house, a residence for the town governors, a prison, and even an arms and ammunitions depot. The château, overlooking the town and the majestic Loire, was bought from the state in 1906 by the town of Saumur which, after having restored part of it, used it to set up the town’s museum.

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A museum in the château

The town museum was installed within the town hall when it was created in 1829 and is composed of natural science collections, archaeological objects, paintings and sculptures. It was transferred to the château in 1912 after the first restoration jobs on the building.

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