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Château de Valençay - Talleyrand Festival

This year the Château de Valençay’s festival will focus on live performances, with classical music, theatre and dance all on the programme. Performers will once again take to the stage in the castle’s theatre, a listed Empire-style gem which is full of history and art. The festival is surprisingly eclectic in feel, with old musical instruments taking centre stage for this second festival.

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Château de Valençay – Spanish evenings by candlelight

“Evenings by candlelight” is a popular summer event held every year at Valençay, which allows visitors not only to enjoy the candlelit gardens and take a night-time tour but also to admire the young artists who perform here. La Cecilia, a talented and up-and-coming French Flamenco dancer, will perform her new dance, Al Compas de mi Tierra, in the main courtyard, while in the theatre, you’ll be able to watch more sedate courtly dances inspired by Spain, with magnificent period costumes and a host of talented and renowned performers.

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Château de Valençay - Mademoiselle Frankenstein

In 1816, when she was just 19 years old, Mary Shelly wrote “Frankenstein”. Fifteen years later, in the closed environment of a mysterious laboratory full of strange objects and disturbing phials, she finds herself doing battle with the strange Lazarro, who is trying to understand what made the young woman write such a fascinating and terrifying novel. Even if he suspects that there’s a terrible secret behind the creation of this masterpiece, he is far from imagining what he is about to discover.

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Château de Valençay – Gourmet Thursdays

On the first Thursday of each month, two chefs from the Tables Gourmandes du Berry will expertly recreate two old recipes by the famous chef Antonin Carême using contemporary produce and techniques. A monthly gourmet event which includes a free tasting – a real treat for the tastebuds! Held from 3-5pm on 7 July, 4 August, 1 September, 6 October and 3 November. Gourmet Thursdays © Château de Valençay

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Christmas at the Château de Valençay

After the success of its first Christmas event held last year, the Château de Valençay will once again open its doors for the Christmas holidays offering candlelit evening events, pastry-making workshops and illuminations. From 17 December to 1 January, daily from 11am-6.30pm (except Christmas Day). Christmas at the château © Château de Valençay

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Château de Valençay - In Taverna, or the triumph of Bacchus

A Baroque music show held in the theatre, with an actor reciting texts, a singer performing drinking songs, and a lute player and viola player entertaining spectators with their music. An elegant and intimate atmosphere with a focus on pleasure and debauchery. An exploration of the timeless delights of wine, poetry and music. Bacchus © Il Festino

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