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Château de Villandry – 100 views of Paris

Just like other Japanese artists before him, Kojiro Akagi came to Paris attracted by French art and culture. Fifty years later this adopted Frenchman still lives in the French capital. Considered to be one of the most French Japanese artists, he is renowned for his watercolours painted outdoors, his lithographs and his astonishing oil paintings with their characteristic use of red oil paint. Arc de Triomphe © Kojiro Akagi

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Christmas opening at the Château de Villandry

Dressed in its winter colours, the Château de Villandry is opening its doors to visitors at a reduced price during the Christmas holidays, from Saturday 17 December 2016 to Monday 2 January 2017 – a unique opportunity for families to come and enjoy the warm ambience and Christmas decorations at this fully furnished castle. Christmas decoration © Château et Jardins de Villandry

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Château de Villandry – “Les fruits dansés”

After working for many years with choreographers, Raphaèle Bernard-Bacot has produced a series of pastel monotypes called “Les fruits dansés”. The lines and subject matter in these new works tell the story of years spent working on this motif, of seizing the rhythm of the body in movement. The freedom of her brushstroke and composition give these so-called “still lifes” a very living feel. Her work as an artist is maturing to encompass the rhythm of the season. Fruits dansés © Raphaèle Bernard-Bacot

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“Nights of a Thousand Lights” at the Château de Villandry

Ever since it first began, the Mille Feux event has attracted lovers of beauty and poetry to Villandry. On two consecutive evenings, the gardens will be illuminated by 2,000 candles to create a breathtaking array of light. Your stroll, along which different activities and entertainment are planned, ends with an incredible firework display which is reflected in the chateau’s ornamental pond. © Sandra Daveau

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Vegetable Garden Days at the Château de Villandry

As part of this event, Villandry’s gardeners share their knowledge and expertise with the public. Visitors are welcome to meet them, irrespective of whether they are experienced or novice gardeners! The programme will include an exhibitors’ market (plants, local products, artisanal objects for the garden, tools etc), workshops, demonstrations, guided tours and activities for young and old alike.© Château et Jardins de Villandry

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The Château of Villandry, in the Centre Val de Loire region, is a Renaissance château that is located at the heart of three levels of terraced gardens. It is the last of the great Renaissance châteaux to have been built on the banks of the Loire River. Although the estate is renowned for the harmony of its architecture, it is especially well-known for its gardens that spread across three terraces and combine aesthetics, diversity, and harmony.

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