T. Martrou - CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Gastronomy, wines and vineyards

The French way of life

From Sancerre to the wines of Nantes, to the wines of Touraine and Anjou, the vineyards of the Loire Valley are rich in wines of exception that are acclaimed for their diversity and authenticity. With gastronomy full of flavour, the Loire Valley way of life will have no trouble convincing you of its merits.

A long tradition of quality and variety in its wines

Bourgueil, Chinon, Vouvray, Muscadet, Saumur-Champigny, Menetou-Salon, Savennières… Are these names familiar to you and bring a sweet sound to your ears? They are just a few of the large number of wines in the Loire Valley region. All of which are, of course, to be consumed in moderation!

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Wines to come and taste on all occasions 

Right at the heart of the region you can discover (or rediscover) the full wealth of Loire Valley wines: the tourist route meanders through vineyards from one domain to another, between houses and museums that are related to wine and are scattered throughout the territory. All year round, each vineyard proposes a variety of events devoted to this savoury beverage. Some of them are dedicated more particularly to wine (fairs, processions of wine confreries, etc.), while others specialise in combining the discovery of wine-tasting with the tasting of other regional produce, site visits, sports trails or artistic activities.

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Gastronomy and Region

A zest of inventiveness, a dash of tradition, a drop of audacity, and a dose of know-how: these are the ingredients that characterise the excellent gastronomy of the region. And when it comes to fish, the Loire is plentiful in terms of pike-perch, pike, eel and other finned species. Meat and cold cooked meats, cheeses, and market garden produce all complete a palette of culinary pleasures, which in the past brought joy to Rabelais’ characters as well. 

These regional specialties can be appreciated in numerous open-air restaurants that are dotted along the banks of the Loire. Here, you will find yourself easily charmed away by the music and country-style atmosphere. Make a stop at La Possonnière, Saint-Saturnin-sur-Loire in Anjou or at "Tours-sur-Loire".

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